Management team

The management team of Norwich Community Solar consists of a range of professionals with skills in energy systems and markets, engineering, accountancy and fund raising. We currently give our time for free to seek new projects, perform outreach and educational tasks for our community and write about community energy as a social enterprise. Our Board of Directors is always open to approach from members who would like to share their skills with us. We operate an equal opportunities policy.


Nigel Hargreaves

Nigel is a systems architect, academic and sustainability consultant. He is a chartered engineer and has been working with energy systems for 25 years.

Company Secretary

Jan Davis

Jan has had a varied career in the public, private and voluntary sectors as an engineer, trainer and resilience manager.


We have a vacancy for our company Treasurer. Please apply for more details of the role by email to


Damian Baker

Damian is the co-founder and Managing Director of renewable energy company Ren Energy and manages the technical implementation of our projects.


Peter Ellington

Peter is a part-time lecturer in the Business School of the University of East Anglia and founder of Triple Bottom Line Accounting, an ethical accounting practice.


Tom Abbott

Tom is Managing Partner at GEEN EASY and founder member of Norwich Community Solar.


Nigel Cornwall

Nigel has nearly 20 years in energy consultancy during which he founded Cornwall Insight and Pixie Energy which have gone on to be industry respected energy market intelligence companies.


Sean Gough

Sean brings 30 years in PR with international consultancies, his own London agency and in house roles with Government press offices and ICI. He is currently advising Fujitsu on communications strategy.