Introducing Luisa Jobson. Why a 3rd year Geography student wanted to join our team

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As global temperatures increase, concerns regarding energy security intensify and people across the globe are left unable to meet basic energy needs. There is an emerging global consensus on the need for an ‘energy transition’ towards a low carbon energy system. For many years individuals have been targeted simply as consumers of energy, paying large privatised electric and gas companies for a product that in the 21st century is classed as basic human need. Recently, many UK localities have started to play a role in the energy transition aiming to transform themselves into sustainable energy communities. Here, individuals take the role of citizens rather than consumers, and gain the capacity to work together to improve their energy infrastructure on a local level.

It is being apart of this movement which encouraged me to join Norwich Community Solar. As a third year Geography student at the University of East Anglia, I am very much aware of the challenges that must be overcome to ensure a sustainable future for all. My studies at UEA revolve mainly around climate change, low carbon energy, atmospheric chemistry and global environmental challenges. As it is my final year, I am in the process of researching for my dissertation which aims to answer the following; ‘In practice or just theory? Investigating if community energy groups in the UK can meet all the key principles of an energy democracy’. I intend to use Norwich Community Solar as a case-study, thus I will post regularly on the new website updating on the progress of my project.

Upon graduation I have ambitions to pursue postgraduate studies, I am currently in the process of applying for UEA’s Energy Engineering and Environmental Management master’s course. I hope to eventually build a career in the renewable energy engineering sector, yet another reason why I so greatly support NCS. I am committed to helping this group grow from strength to strength, working with its members to provide a locally sourced, renewable, clean forms of energy, in which the benefits of its production stay within the Norwich Community.

I am thrilled to be a part of this community energy group and looking forward to meeting its members at the NCS Christmas Fair (see our November newsletter or follow updates on our facebook site for more details.)